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FEB 23 - APR 23

Transforming Discipleship: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

When Jesus left his disciples, he gave them a mission. Go and make disciples, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded. Note he didn't just say teach them to know everything I have commanded, but teach them to obey. Over the next few weeks we will be unpacking Jesus' most famous teaching - the sermon on the mount. This is not a sermon to just listen to - it is teaching to obey. And we will find that when we press in to Jesus' teaching, wrestle with it, and seek to live it out we will find that his word and his Spirit will bring transformation in our lives. It will transform who we consider blessed, transform our understanding, transform our ethics, transform our rituals, transform our ambitions, transform our relationships. So come and join us, on Sundays or in a life group as we open up these words and explore what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Matthew 7:13-29
The Choice To Make
Nick van Ruth
March 26, 2023
Matthew 7:1-12
Transforming Relationships
Nick van Ruth
March 19, 2023
Matthew 6:19-34
Transformed Ambitions
Tim Patrick
March 12, 2023
Matthew 6:1-18
Transformed Religion
Dave Shepherd
March 5, 2023
Matthew 5:21-48
Transformed Ethics
Nick van Ruth
February 26, 2023
Matthew 5:17-20
How The Bible Fits Together
Nick van Ruth
February 19, 2023
Matthew 5:13-16
Meant To Be Different
Mark Sanders
February 12, 2023
Matthew 5:1-12
How To Live Your Blessed Life Now
Nick van Ruth
February 5, 2023