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NOV 20 - DEC 20

The Commands Of Christ

For 2000 years people have been captivated by the life and teaching of a radical Rabbi from Nazareth. In the space of three short years, his words, wisdom and wonders left such a mark, that they have indeed transformed the world in which we live today. However, in our pluralistic, post-modern culture, we have forgotten that many of these words were not simply suggestions, ideas or proverbs pointing us towards a higher state of being. No, many of these words were commands. Statements calling those who had ears to hear out of the crowd into a life of surrendered obedience. This series will explore some of these commands, reminding us of the call to engage in the radical life the radical rabbi intended us to live.

Matthew 5:9
Be Peacemakers
Robin Carter
December 20, 2020
Matthew 4:12-17
A Call To Repentance
Dave Shepherd
December 13, 2020
Matthew 5:14-16
Let Your Light Shine
Mark Sanders
December 6, 2020
Matthew 25:1-13
Keep Watch
Dave Shepherd
November 29, 2020
John 14:1-7, John 16:20-24
Perspective In Pain
Ben Peters
November 22, 2020
Mark 12:28-34
The Greatest Commandment
Dave Shepherd
November 15, 2020