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Our Leaders

God has brought together a team of pastors and leaders in our Church who are committed to serving God, the Church and the wider community through their gifts as they share the good news of Jesus.

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Our Mission is to develop and equip passionate disciples who love God, love people and boldly share the Gospel across the Adelaide Hills and beyond.

Our priorities are:

Discipleship; to mature and empower God's people to pursue the call to be transformed into Christ's likeness in all areas of the lives.

Gospel Sharing; to teach a rich, authentic and practical gospel that can be applied to daily life and shared with non-believers.

Community Engagement; to be actively involved and engaged in our community as we take every opportunity to love and serve others.

Leadership Development; to develop and equip God's people to use the full potential of their talents and gifts to ensure we remain a diverse, vibrant and healthy community.

We are not perfect people, but we are people who want to know and follow Jesus and be a blessing to our community and world.