Membership at HBC

Why belonging to a local church matters:

Belonging to the Body of Christ

In the New Testament, we see that letters were addressed "to the church," indicating a recognised community of believers. This underscores the importance of belonging to a local congregation where we can grow and serve alongside fellow believers.

Participating in Spiritual Growth

Church membership provides a context for spiritual growth and accountability. As members of the body of Christ, we exercise our spiritual gifts within the local assembly, contributing to its health and vitality (1 Corinthians 12:12-24).

Submission to Spiritual Authority

Scripture calls us to submit to the leadership of the church, recognising their role in shepherding and guiding God's people (Hebrews 13:17). Membership allows us to affirm our commitment to this spiritual oversight and accountability.

Active Participation in Ministry

By becoming a member of the local church, we commit to active involvement in ministry and service. Membership signifies our willingness to contribute to the work of the congregation and support its mission (Ephesians 4:12).

Public Declaration of Faith

Formal membership in a church is a public declaration of our faith and commitment to Christ and His people (Mark 8:38). It signifies our desire to identify with the body of Christ and participate fully in its life and mission.

Shaping the Future of the Church

As members, we have the privilege of shaping the ministry and direction of the church through our involvement and participation (Hebrews 10:24). Our input and engagement are essential for the growth and effectiveness of the body of Christ.

Church Membership Process
Church Membership Process

Our church constitution outlines the eligibility criteria and process for becoming a member. This includes:

  • Professing repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Demonstrating evidence of faith in daily life.
  • Agreeing to the Statement of Beliefs and working towards fulfilling the Vision and Mission of the Church.
  • Participating in an orientation to the life, beliefs, ministry, and service of the Church.
  • Submission of membership application and endorsement by a Campus Pastor.
  • Review and acceptance by the Governing Council.
Member Responsibilities
Member Responsibilities

Members are called to uphold certain responsibilities, including:

  • Remaining true to their commitment to Christ.
  • Regular participation in worship services.
  • Leading a life worthy of Christ in love, humility, and peace.
  • Studying the Holy Bible privately and in groups.
  • Contributing regularly to the financial affairs of the Church.
  • Using their gifts in the ministry of the Church.
  • Praying regularly for the people and ministry of the Church.
  • Actively participating in decision-making processes and adhering to church policies.
  • Avoiding actions that would bring the Church into disrepute.

In conclusion, joining a local church is not merely joining an organisation; it’s becoming part of a spiritual family where we can grow, serve, and thrive in our faith journey. We invite you to prayerfully consider the opportunity to become a member of our church family and experience the blessings of belonging to the body of Christ.