Our Story

From Mount Barker to the ends of the earth.

Our story begins back in 1873, when a small group of people obeyed the call of God to plant a Baptist church in the small town of Mount Barker.

Around 100 years later, a different group of people felt a similar call, and faithfully planted a Baptist community in the Adelaide Hills, and Aldgate Baptist Church was formed.

For the next 50 years both churches worked alongside one another committed to the mission of God in the region.

In 2016, as the region grew and the missional needs increased, the Lord put on Aldgate Baptist's heart to plant more churches and Hills Baptist Church was formed.

Then in 2023, compelled by the Holy Spirit and the incredible opportunity to partner with Kings Baptist Grammar School, the two churches came together as one, and a shared vision for being a resourcing church with a heart for raising leaders and planting Christ-centred communities of faith across the nation was birthed.